WAX Account Creator

This tool can be used to create an account on the WAX blockchain anonymously by paying for the creation cost with Ethereum or EOS. Please note that it is possible to create one account per person for free using the official service. We advise you to only use our service if you either can't or don't want to use Wax All Access.

Step 1: Choose Account Name
Account name needs to be exactly 12 characters long
Name must contain only characters a-z and 1-5
Name has to be available
Step 2: Download and install Scatter

Scatter is a desktop wallet that supports WAX. You can download it on https://get-scatter.com/download. After the installation and the initial setup, navigate to the Networks tab on the left and enable "WAX Blockchain".

Step 3: Generate Account Keys

Now you need to generate the keys that will allow you to use the account later. Open Scatter and navigate to Wallet. Then click "Generate Key" in the bottom left, followed by "EOSIO". You should use one of the proposed options to store this key outside of Scatter. Afterwards, head back to the Wallet and copy the Public Key by pressing on the three dots -> Copy Public Key and paste it here

Step 4: Create Account
Ethereum ETH
Create account
Order ID Account Name Status